1 Sep 2008

Australia's Romanian resident superstar Dusan Salva won an exciting rematch to claim the Interim WBC Muaythai Middleweight International Title at a packed event in Perth.

The 1500 strong crowd were treated to a night of spectacular Muaythai action and entertainment with the highlight being Salva successful rematched against his nemesis Edwin Samy from New Zealand.

The fight was everything predicted. Dusan started the first three rounds pummeling Samy with left and right punches and cracking away with his lightning left roundhouse kick that Samy couldn't match.

In round four, the affair had evened out with Samy realising that he'd have to pull something out of the hat to fight his way back to win the title. Using big hand combos and dangerous elbows, Samy literally threw the kitchen sink at Dusan. Both fighters' noses were bloodied with the Kiwi's looking slightly the more crooked, possibly due to an earlier elbow.

In the final round Dusan came out firing and continued to use his left kick which left the kiwi helpless. Half way through the round Samy looked over to his corner to see the signal for him to go for the KO. He instantly attacked with a barrage of low kicks and heavy hitting body shots that would have probably split a bag of potatoes in two.

But Dusan just kept answering with kicks, punches and elbows. The bell sounded and a jubilant Dusan raised his hands in victory.

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