Muay Thai Full Rules First Launch in Japan.

6 May 2008

May 6, 2008 JPMC successfully made a first launch for the full rules Muay Thai event in Japan with an unexpected support from Muay Thai fans and boxing gym who recognized and love to see the growth of the standing martial arts. All the ring officials were trained and certified their scoring techniques from Anek Hongtongkam, chairman of WBC Muaythai Ring officials who granted two days of training program exclusively granted for local Japanese on judging and refereeing. JPMC worked closely with the promoter to manage the fight card with combination of young talent Muaythai fighters who need to proof their skills and deserve to be ranked into WBC Muaythai world rating.

The fight results are showed below :

Fight #1 : Hiromasa Masuda vs. Kupee W Suthira (Rajadamunum Stadium Light weight Champion, WBC World ranking 7th)

Won by Masuda Judge 2-1 (49-48, 49-50, 50-49)

Referee Anek

It was very close match. At the final round even at the last minute, after receiving high kick from Kupee, Masuda?s punch hit Kupee twice and until the bell for finishing the game, Masuda kept going forward which seem to control the fight the last minute.
Fight #2 : Syunta vs. Saenchai Jirakriangrai (WBC Muaythai Feather weight World ranking 15th)

Won by Syunta 2-1 (50-49, 50-49, 48-49)

Referee: Ogawa

It also was very close match. At 2R Saenchai was cut by elbow below eye blow. Saenchai lost stamina at the very end of 5th round.

Fight #3 : Taiki (Former Rajdumnern Stadium ranked 10th of Super light) Vs Akira Sakamoto

Won by Taiki 4R 1? 30? Won by TKO

Referee Anek

Taiki gave Sakamoto a real hard time in his Muay Thai experiences, he lands both Fist and Punches which most are all effective till Anek finally stop the fight with TKO.

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