21 Nov 2007

The WBC Muaythai joined delegates representing 164 countries at the yearly convention of the World Boxing Council held this year in Manila.
The General Assembly was told that Muaythai - under the WBC brand - had reached new benchmarks in 2007 and that the image of WBC MUAYTHAI reflected the stand-up martial arts excellence and exceptional ring combat skills of Thailand's fighting heritage.

WBC President Dr Jose Sulaiman said he had been impressed with the high quality of Muaythai demonstrated at the premier championships held in Las Angeles last September, staged by promoter Dennis Warner and televised on Pay Per View TV and broadcast live to Thailand.
Warner said he was planning more WBC MUAYTHAI events in the USA in 2008. Plans were also underway for a "Muaythai thriller in Manila" for the Philippines freedom day weekend in June 2008.

WBC MUAYTHAI Chairman General Kovid Bhakdibumi told a large contingent of delegates representing Muaythai organizations worldwide that the WBC MUAYTHAI was an "inclusive and not exclusive" organization that wanted the fighting art of Muaythai to reach the highest levels on the world stage.

"The WBC MUAYTHAI has a mission to give all Muaythai boxers around the world the opportunity of competing with the best with the ultimate goal of being rewarded with the famous WBC green belt."

Secretary General Patrick Cusick told the General Assembly in his annual report that the WBC's involvement with Muaythai meant that the safety standards of the WBC ensured that WBC Muaythai was among the safest ring sports.
"There are many similarities between boxing and Muaythai," Cusick told WBC delegates. "Under the WBC MUAYTHAI there is now an established ranking system, standard rules and regulations, qualified ring officials and safety standards worldwide for those who participate in professional Muaythai. The WBC MUAYTHAI supports the objective of one world with one Muaythai rules and regulations."

The WBC will receive a safety report on the move to introduce a WBC MUAYTHAI Female division. As well, the WBC will continue talks with the Japanese Boxing Commission to introduce WBC MUAYTHAI to introduce professional WBC Muaythai into Japan.
The WBC MUAYTHAI also agreed to join with the Oriental Professional Boxing Union to promote the WBC MUAYTHAI brand throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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