7 Nov 2007

WBC President Dr Jose Sulaiman signed an MOU with the Chengdu Sports Bureau, Peoples' Republic of China to stage the event in Chengdu - at the same time as the WBC convention October 2008 - featuring a WBC world boxing title, a WBC female boxing title, a WBC Muaythai world title and a WBC youth boxing world championship.

"This super event will put Chengdu and China on the map in world boxing. After the Olympics China will become involved with professional boxing and staging a super event in Chengdu will let the boxing dragon breathe some fire on the world stage," Dr Sualaiman said.

WBC Vice-President, Asian Boxing Council President and WBC Muaythai Chairman General Kovid Bhakdibhumi said China would become a power in boxing and muaythai.

"The Chinese have a long tradition with martial arts and they will enjoy the spectacle of the world's best boxing andthe WBC Muaythai on the one super card. Next year's best of boxing and Muaythai event in Chengdu will be an exciting spectacle for the Chinese as well as for the world watching on TV."
Dr Sulaiman said the WBC would be talking with promoters such as Don King to partner with the most active Chinese promoter Liu Gang. "We'll be looking at a TV broadcast in the USA on a Saturday night with live the event in Chengdu on Sunday morning."

"Chengdu aleady had a taste of boxing with an Asian Boxing Council championship in Chengdu and that they loved it," said Liu Gang. "I'll be looking at getting the best female boxer in China to fight for a world title. The boxing mix with a WBC Muaythai world championship will be one of the best fight cards held anywhere in the world."

The WBC and the WBC Muaythai will hold this year's convention in Manila commencing on 10 October.

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