The WBC Medical Convention was a huge success

10 May 2007

The WBC Medical Convention was a huge success. There are many new technologies that are being explored that will make boxing a safer sport. So far the WBC has improved conditions by adding the fourth rope, the attached thumb, cutting the number of rounds to 12; as well as many other innovations suggested by Jose Sulaiman.
The reduction of rounds caused a lot of controversy and negative press at it's inception. I was privileged to listen to a story that Jose told about the first WBC Championship fight conducted under the 12 round rule. Jose said, that at the end of the evening, the boxers who had fought twelve rounds went out to dinner while the ones who'd fought 15 went to the hospital. I like this story. Even though the risks are apparent, no other contact sport has as many precautions taken to protect the participants; and no other sanctioning organization does as much. This is true.
Next week is the NABF Convention. Under the wise leadership of Rex Walker, the journey continues.
Written by Jill Daimond / WBC Female Championship Committee

WBC President Jose Sulaiman, IBF President Marian Muhammad, and WBA President Gilberto Mendoza joined together at the WBC Medical Conference in Cancun. It was a very successful event. Under Jose's leadership, this was a true unification for the well-being of all boxers.

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