27 Dec 2016

WBC Muaythai delegates gather at the the WBC convention in Miami

Under the umbrella of the World Boxing Council the WBC MUAYTHAI co-joined in this year?s annual WBC convention held in Miami, USA, 11-16 December.

Muaythai delegates gathered to discuss developments in Muaythai that included the rules and regulations for Muaythai for contests and championships in 164 countries where the WBC has established organizational support.

Muaythai participants - including some 15 boxers and trainers from Florida - enthusiastically supported the development and expansion of the WBCMT into Florida and other USA states.

In his annual report WBCMT Chairman Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhumi the past year had been a period of reflection in Thailand for the remarkable life and achievements of King Rama 1X.

In regard to the WBCMT General Kovid stated that the past year had seen the WBC Muaythai continue to set the benchmark for professional Muaythai around the world.

?I would like to acknowledge the fine work of the WBC Muaythai Ranking Committee who are always very diligent in preparing the ranking of international boxers in 19 weight divisions. The WBC championships are progressive titles that begin with National championships through to Regional and International titles and peak with the WBC World Championships. The prime objective of all boxers in professional Muaythai to become ranked in the WBC Muaythai world rankings and our rankings will continue to be the credible reference for all serious Muaythai practitioners.

?I have received strong support from the WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman who has given me his assurances that Muaythai will continue to grow on the world stage under the umbrella of the WBC. The famous WBC green belt has become a world symbol for global Muaythai and it?s important that all our country representatives ensure that the WBC rules and regulations are followed and not modified.

?The WBC Muaythai adheres to all contests being of five rounds duration with a supervisor, referee and three judges. The WBC Muaythai uses the 10 points must system that is the standard scoring as outlined in the rules of the Sports Authority of Thailand.

?Muaythai has seen off the challenges of other combat sports since the 1940?s when Muaythai adopted the boxing ring and boxing gloves. I have noticed that there are some combat organizations that are using their own modified rules of Muaythai. I would like everyone to know that Muaythai has rules set by the WBC Muaythai that are the same rules approved by the Sports Authority of Thailand.?

The next WBCMT convention gathering will be in Kazakhstan.

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