31 Jul 2006

MUAYTHAI was set to take its rightful position as an exciting, elite and prestigious ring sport, WBC MUAYTHAI Chairman, Pol. General Kovid said in Kiev, Ukraine.
Speaking at the historical inaugural convention of the WBC MUAYTHAI Gen Kovid said there was an unprecedented interest for MUAYTHAI competition in European countries.
In the Russian-speaking CIS countries like Ukraine MUAYTHAI was a leading ring sport.
"Recently I had the opportunity of visiting Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. I was surprised and delighted to find that MUAYTHAI was not only very popular, but there are thousands of enthusiastic MUAYTHAI competitors in these two countries as there are all over the CIS, Europe, the Americas, Greater Asia, the Middle East and Australia."
General Kovid said MUAYTHAI had its roots in Thailand but was now a global sport.
"The world popularity of MUAYTHAI is the reason why the World Boxing Council decided to establish a separate division for MUAYTHAI - the WBC MUAYTHAI.
The WBC MUAYTHAI followed after a meeting with the WBC President Dr Jose Sulaiman and His Majesty the King of Thailand in 2001.
The WBC MAUYTHAI has the responsibility to preserve, protect and enable the great ring sport of MUAYTHAI to prosper and expand worldwide.
Over the past two decades there has been a flood of new ring sports. But, according to General Kovid: "There is only one real MUAYTHAI with traditions that date back thousands of years. We all know that the new ring sports like kickboxing and K1 have come from MUAYTHAI."
General Kovid said MUAYTHAI is a ring sport that is as exciting as it is skillful.
"The all action skills of MUAYTHAI are what the world wants, and the WBC MUAYTHAI has the responsibility to deliver the "best of the best" MUAYTHAI."

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