17 Apr 2013

New Yorker Mike Warren with the Muay Thai master Apidej

Tributes poured into Thailand from around the world for Muay Thai legend Apidej Sit-Hirun who died after a long fight with cancer.

The grand master?s extraordinary career peaked in the 1960?s - and he went on to accumulate a record of 350 wins for just 10 loses and one draw.

Known as ?The Man of 7 Titles? for being the only Thai boxer to win major championships in Muay Thai and boxing, Apidej was awarded ?The Legendry Best Muay Thai Fighter? for the 20th Century.

Apidej?s extraordinary life as a Muay Thai fighter and master trainer is showcased in Thai National Museum - him being the most outstanding champion for both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums.

Fairtex founder and chairman Phillip Wong said he had been ?side-by-side? with Apidej for 40 years.

?He was an amazing fighter, an incredibly dedicated teacher and such a wonderful person. Myself and so many others will miss him dearly.?

WBC Vice-President Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhumi remembers joining a massive crowd that thronged into Rajadamnern in the mid-60's to witness the rivalry fright between Apidej and Srisothorn.

?He was then - and remains - the icon for Muay Thai. He was adored by so many and his greatness lives on.?

Three years ago Mike Warren, a director of Primus International, the world?s largest and best-known aerospace company, flew into Bangkok to have two days personal training Ajarn Apidej.

He was then 38 years old and recalls the master coaxing him into acquiring a new level of Muay Thai practice.

Warren trained in New York at the Muay Thai Five Points Academy and the Viwat Sakulrat gym in Las Angeles for 10 years.

He had never been to Thailand and his first visit to Bangkok to open up a new manufacturing facility, Warren was able to get one-on-one training with Apidej.

?It was my dream to get private lessons from such a world known Muay that master fighter and teacher. It was just fantastic. He had the ability to open up the minds of foreigners the real art of Muay Thai.

?The two days I spent with Apidej at the Fairtex gym was something very special.

?Muay Thai is much more than having fine combat skills, which is true, but it goes very deep into knowing mental and physical form.?

What Apidej was able to pass onto Warren were the principles for being a Thai-style warrior both inside and outside the ring.

?On the surface Muaythai is about the stand-up sport combat of offence and defence. But there are other levels that Apedij opened my mind to?like understanding that training in Muay Thai can be beneficial to all people no matter from what country you?re born or where you live. Muay Thai is a great gift from Thailand to world, and I am privileged to have been taught Muay Thai by a great master.?

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