11 Apr 2013

Stephen Richards wins WBC USA title in Atlantic City

Stephen Richards (175lbs) and Chike Lindsay (154lbs) shot to supestar status when they took the WBC USA championships in the Bangkok Fight Night ?Shockwave? event at Atlanta, Georgia, in Atlantic City.

Lindsay scored a sensational TKO at 2:19 of he first minute using powerful knee attacks that finished his opponent.

Richards won a pressure contest on points using knees to overpower his opponent and, in so doing, set up strong credentials for a WBC World Title blitz. It was Richards? fifth successive win.

Richards and Berrios continued their fierce rivalry for the WBC super middleweight national title, and it wasn?t until the fourth round that Richards asserted his winning finish.

In round one Berrios was hurt by Richards? leg kick and Berrios fought back with elbow shots. Then, in the second round, both fighters exchanged elbows in close and a spinning back fist by Berrios impressed. The contest tightened with hard grapelling in round three.

The fourth round gave Richards the advantage with Berrios getting an 8 count after reeling from a body shot. Berrios responded with a spinning back elbow that dazed Richards, but Richards sweeps Berrios again with a standing 8 count.

Richards taook Berrios down again in the fifth round with a leg kick for a third count and he then went on to score a unanimous decision.

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