19 Mar 2013

Ramon Dekkers who fought the best Thais in Lumpinee Standium will be remembered with the WBC Ramon Dekkers Trophy

The WBC MUAYTHAI held its annual awards in Bangkok on 14 March at the Asia Hotel that included the Ramon Dekkers Trophy for the best foreigner in Muay Thai.

The inaugural Ramon Dekkers Trophy was awarded to Fabio Pinca of France.

The other award winners for 2012 were:

Best Muay Thai fighter of the year: Kem Sitsongpeenong.

Best promoter of the year: Brian Marcar, Managing Director of BEC-Terro, who staged 7 world titles on the one event in Thailand.

Most active promoter of the year: Scot Kent of Lion Promotions.

WBC MUAYTHAI Chairman General Kovid Bhakdibhumi said the WBC annual awards for Muay Thai followed from the establishment of rankings in 19 weight divisions so that the WBC MUAYTHAI world and international champions were the fairest with the most talented contenders.

General Kovid said this year?s WBC convention to be held in Bangkok would be a showcase for Muay Thai as Thailand?s national sport that has evolved into an elite combat martial art.

Special Muaythai days would be scheduled for a two-day seminar for ring officials during the convention held in Bangkok from 3-9 November.

Secretary General Patrick Cusick said the value of WBC MUAYTHAI is its worldwide recognized green belt championships and safety standards under the umbrella of the WBC who pioneered safety standards for boxing and introduced the 10 point must system, which is also used to score Muay Thai rounds.

?Muay Thai has adopted many boxing regulations such as the standard boxing ring, boxing gloves, referee and three judges and the many safety-first rules and regulations.?

Mr Cusick said while the whole world of Muay Thai mourned the death of Ramon Dekkers, the Ramon Dekkers Trophy would remain a celebration of a great Muay Thai champion who fought and beat the best internationally and in Thailand.

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