21 Dec 2011

WBC Vice-President Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhumi (right) with WBC President Dr Jose Sulaiman presenting awards at the convention held in Las Vegas

Muay Thai under the umbrella of the World Boxing Council produced some outstanding champions in 2011.

This followed in the wake of a worldwide ranking system modeled on the long established WBC boxing rankings with worldwide safety standards based of fighters' merit, WBC Vice President and Chairman of the WBC MUAYTHAI Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhumi said his keynote address to Muay Thai delegates attending the 49th WBC convention held in Las Vegas.

Here's the transcript of what General Kovid said:

It is now six years since the World Boxing Council has included Muay Thai as an official WBC ring sport.

As well as being a great honour for Thailand's National Sport it has given a chance for all those who practice Muay Thai around the world a chance of getting to the top of their chosen sport.

The WBC is represented in 164 countries.

In all these countries Muay Thai is now understood as being the foundation root of martial arts.

Without Muay Thai there would be no kickboxing and no K1.

The stand-up techniques of Muay Thai all come back to their beginning with Muay Thai.

I am happy to see that MMA and Ultimate Fighting are now acknowledging the stand-up fighting traditions of Muay Thai in their combat..

Over the past six years the WBC MUAYTHAI have refined our ranking procedures in 19 weight divisions.

We have established international and world titles in all 19 divisions.

We have allowed our country advisors to assist promoters to stage national titles as a preliminary for being rated in our world rankings and fight for international and world titles.

Our rankings and our rules and regulations are the pillars for the success of the WBC MUAYTHAI.

The WBC pride is its boxing champions are based on ability and performance that is reflected on the quality of the rankings.

That is the same with the WBC MUAYTHAI.

It would be easy to just allow promoters to stage international and world titles without a strict procedure. This would not be the way of the WBC, the way of professional boxing and professional martial arts.

I am pleased to say that our ranking system has produced the "best of the best" in stand-up combat. Saenchai and Sakaddao from Thailand, Joe Schilling and Kevin Ross from the USA are just some of our champions that didn't just walk into a title contest. They earned their championship status through their activity that is reflected in the WBC rankings.

As more promoters see the value of WBC MUAYTHAI we have to be inclusive and not exclusive.

As a division of the WBC we face a challenging year in 2012.

We face some important decisions so that countries can get more champions and compete for international and world titles.

We need to be vigilant to ensure safety standards.

I believe that next year 2012 will see the great ringsport of Muay Thai rise to new heights on the world stage.

What I also believe, and know as truth, is that the WBC worldwide brand will enable our grand aspirations to become a global reality.

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