15 Jun 2011

WBC champion Jomtong one of Thailand's fabulous five

Thailand's top five Muaythai stars have risen following last Friday's night super fights at Lumpinee Stadium.

After the May "coronation" eliminations that left only the WBC world featherweight champion Jomtong Chuwattana as a leader of Thailand's elite, the next top eight fighters headed to Lumpinee Stadium for the "Super Fights of the Century".

At the end of an enormous night of action, endurance, drama and sheer class before a packed arena the scorecards showed:

(1) Singdam Kiatmoo 9 comfortable (49-48) winner over Petchbounchoo F.A.Group wins Thailand Lightweight Championship
(2) Sakeddao Petchphayathai outright victor against Saenchai Zinbeemuaythai (49-58) wins Lumpinee Lightweight Championship
(3) Sam-A Kaiyang 5 Dao complete demolition of Tong Pouydeenaidee (50-47) wins Lumpinee Super Batamweight Championship
(4) Kongsak Sitbounmee wipe out of Nong-O Kaiyang 5 Dao (50-47) wins Lumpinee Super Featherweight Championship.

Highlights of Friday's super fights were another convincing win for Singdam (can anyone beat him?), the never-say-die triumph of Saekkao who was seemingly mesmerized by Saenchai in the second round when the little master repeatedly push kicked his opponent's face, and the inner resolve of Sam-A to prove once-and-for-all that he deserves to be Thailand's best giving a clinic to the highly rated Tong who won't forget the night he was totally outclassed on Bangkok's biggest boxing stage.

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