31 Jul 2005

The inaugural convention for the WBC MUAYTHAI held in Kiev, Ukraine (9-12 June) outlined a calendar of championships in 17 weight divisions.

The first world titles are scheduled for Las Vegas subject to agreement for a mixed championship card of MUAYTHAI and boxing. Included in the planning for 2006 was the World Series - a monthly event involving the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.
Some 70 delegates representing the Russian speaking countries of the CIS - as well as Europe - attended the Kiev convention and reached unanimous agreement on the importance of the WBC MUAYTHAI as the most credible sanctioning body for elite MUAYTHAI competition and world title championships events worldwide.

The three-day conference discussed the objectives of the WBC MUAYTHAI, the establishment of credible ratings and rankings and a calendar of championship events.

The delegates gave unanimous acclamation for the Chairman of the WBC MUAYTHAI, Pol.Gen.Kovid Bhakdibhumi who is also the Vice-President of the World Boxing Council and President of the Asian Boxing Council.

In his message to the convention the WBC President Dr Jose Sulaiman gave his full support to Pol. Gen. Kovid and his leadership for the organization of the WBC MUAYTHAI as the sanctioning body for MUAYTHAI championships and fair competition worldwide.

The convention defined the interdependence of the WBC MUAYTHAI as a division of the World Boxing Council recognized officially by the Sports Authority of Thailand as the sanctioning body for MUAYTHAI rankings in 17 weight divisions, championship events and world titles.

The primary objective of WBC MUAYTHAI is to promote MUAYTHAI internationally as an acclaimed and popular fighting art, and to foster MUAYTHAI as an elite ring sport with the highest levels of professional competition.

The convention determined that the top ten rankings in all 17 weight divisions would be decided by the Rankings Committee by 31 August 2005.

All country representatives would submit fighter names for registration and ranking consideration to the five regional groups - West Europe, East Europe, The Americas, Australasia and Greater Asia.
All WBC MUAYTHAI fighters in official competition will be issued with WBC MUAYTHAI "pass books" for recording of boxing data.

WBC competition is organized on tiered levels to ensure that there is global uniformity of all WBC MUAYTHAI rules and regulations.

(1) WBC MUAYTHAI World Series featuring world titles.
(2) WBC MUAYTHAI championships (world titles) events by individual country promoters.
(3) WBC MUAYTHAI regional championships
(4) WBC MUAYTHAI country championships
(5) WBC MUAYTHAI elimination title contests
(6) WBC MUAYTHAI inter-club events

The WBC MUAYTHAI official rankings for all 17 weight divisions - and the sanctioning of the MUAYTHAI championship events worldwide - ensures that those who excel in the Thai fighting art (in particular talented young fighters) will be given every opportunity to enter into the highest levels of professional MUAYTHAI competition.
The sub-committees for the WBC MUAYTHAI are as follows:

Rankings - responsible for divisional classification of MUAYTHAI boxers worldwide to ensure that competition is held fairly and with the criteria as determined by the WBC MUAYTHAI and the Sports Authority of Thailand.

Events - responsible for the supervision of all international competition and events sanctioned by the WBC MUAYTHAI.

Rules and Regulations - responsible for the enactment of the official rules and regulations as stipulated in the "Rules and Regulations" of the Sports Authority of Thailand.

Media and Communications - responsible for all media and publicity and copyright of all WBC MUAYTHAI events.

The WBC MUAYTHAI will hold its annual convention in conjunction with the annual WBC convention. A full attendance of WBC MUAYTHAI delegates from countries worldwide will gather for the WBC convention in Spain in October 2005.

Subject to approval by the Nevada Athletics Commissions, the first WBC MUAYTHAI Titles will be fought on a mixed boxing and MUAYTHAI card in Las Vegas before October 2005.

Many delegates expressed their concern at the number of splinter MUAYTHAI organizations currently involved with muaythai competition and ratings on a global scale. It was pointed out that there are over 30 defacto bodies involved with MUAYTHAI and the holding of MUAYTHAI competitions throughout Europe.

However, after hearing the full objectives and explanations for the organizational structure - and the championship events to be conducted by the WBC MuayThai - it was unanimously agreed that the WBC MuayThai was the most suited and credible organization to rank MUAYTHAI fighters and organize championship competition with fairness and in the best interests of Thailand's national sport and cultural heritage.

All delegates agreed to work diligently to provide country and regional rankings for all 17 weight divisions and to support the organizing of world championship events by the WBC MuayThai.
There was unanimous support for the convention to be held in Spain in October 2005 and for the seminar for ring official training.

Delegates from Russia, Georgia and Germany indicated that they would be prepared to stage world title events in their respective countries.

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