WBC Muaythai national
titles at Buffalo Bill's

15 Mar 2010

Four top Muaythai fighters in the U.S. will contest national WBC MUAYTHAI titles at Buffalo Bill's Casino Resort on 17 April.

USA Middleweight Championship: Craig Buchanan (Champion) vs Kwame Stephens

Craig "The Bullet" Buchanan returns to the ring to defend his WBC title against IKF #3 world ranked middleweight Kwame "Wicked Ways" Stephens. This match has been scheduled two times in the last four years with both fighters suffering freak injuries to scratch the bout. Last time was in 2009 and Buchanan went on to win the WBC title that Stephens is challenging for. Now these two veteran muaythai warriors will finally meet in what has become a highly anticipated clash for both camps. Stephens, an ambassador of Muaythai has been to Thailand many times as a fighter and coach and his style is traditional with a southpaw twist. Buchanan who has embraced Muaythai as a sport still has more of a western style which could surprise Stephens and has tremendous condition. Stephens will try to keep this contest inside with his effective clinch and knee game, but Buchanan has improved in this area and has added lethal elbow strikes to his already impressive array of offensive weapons. Stephens with tremendous power in his left hand will hope to slow down Buchanan so he has a stationary target while Buchanan will try to setup a spectacular kick to finish the fight. Either way both fighters are excellent in adapting to the fight in front of them, but "The Bullet" has the green belt and takes this title defense very seriously...make him the favorite..

USA Lightheavyweight Championship: Shawn Yarborough (Champion) vs Tom Munro

Fighters are lining up to take a shot at newly crowned WBC champion Shawn Yarborough. Ryan "The Lion" Madigan, Cici Njokuni, Anthony Nieves, Joe Schilling and Ky Hollenback are all ready to take on Yarborough if he wins his first title defense. In what is one of the more deeper weight divisions for talent in the USA, this gold medal IFMA winner and now WBC champion is ready to clean house and then hunt for the world title overseas. Tom Munro is his first obstacle though. This tough, rough and ready veteran under the tutelage of former IKKC World Champion Manu N'toh has been aching for a shot at the big stage. Now fighting in Las Vegas for the WBC title, Munro has been under intense training hoping Yarborough will overlook his first title defense opponent and be ripe for an upset. Munro's reputation is that of a banger who will throw down and get into the fight very early to establish his power with both his hands and legs. Yarborough brings a much more calculated approach to Muaythai changing angles and mixing exceptional western boxing skills with a traditional Muaythai offensive approach. With trainers Kevin Barry (boxing) and Kongnapa (Muaythai), Yarborough has been able to blend both trainer's philosophies into one coherent style that has proved hard to beat.

The newly crowned WBC champion will take what is given to him and try to slowly pick at Munro's defensive liabilities and finish him. However Munro could take control early and if he can wobble the champion...all bets are off...still the champ is

International Women's Flyweight Championship: Christine Toledo vs Petra Janssen van Doorn

This is a match of styles which could prove to be the fight of the night. Toledo is the matador to Petra's bull. Toledo is a quality counter puncher who has lately has developed a passive offensive approach which has not been rewarded by judges in her last handful of fights. Now fighting for a WBC title, both her weight 112lbs and the rules of the fight "Full Muaythai" give her no excuses but to show her best against one of Europe's finest fighters. Petra "Take No Prisoners" Janssen van Doorn only knows one speed and one direction that is fast and forward. Petra will not be intimidated by Toledo's resume and will take the fight to her hoping to see if Christine can withstand the offensive onslaught that Petra will bring into every round. Toledo is fighting in her hometown and with this WBC title shot against a highly touted opponent should have a raucous crowd to support her in this the most important fight of her career. Look for wall to wall action in this fight with Toledo a slight favorite.

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