5 Mar 2010

Australia's first Super 8 Eliminator contest will be held in Perth, Western Australia on 27 March.

The championship sees eight of Australia's top 67 kilogram division fighters contesting a knock out elimination competition.

1. Khalid Black Magic Ahmed (Trained by K-Fitness WA)
2. Yusha The Bull Ozhan (Trained by Oliver Olsen WA)
3. Yoshi Ueda (Trained by John Wayne Parr QLD)
4. Toby Smith (Trained by Blair Smith WA)
5. Alan Walkington (Trained by Sam Binetti SA)
6. Michael 300 Demetriou (Trained by Don Millar VIC)
7. Jason Lea (Trained by Paul Foreman & Phon Martdee WA)
8. Parviz Iskenderov (Trained by Darren Curovic WA)

The overall winner will receive a ticket to Thailand to face off against 16 of the world's best fighters in "Thai Fight", as well as the impressive new Battle Collossal Champion's belt.

"Thai Fight" is a concept developed by major Bangkok's premier promotors and Thai TV3 is dishing out THB 2,000,000 (AUD$66,000) to the winner and a modeling contract.

Battle Collossal 9 is to be staged at the 27 million dollar modern sporting complex Curtin Stadium, located on the Curtin University campus in Bentley, just south of Perth.

Also on the card is the long awaited title bout between current the WBC champion Marco 'Machine Gun' Tentori and challenger Daniel 'The Vice' Smyrk from Victoria in a WBC National Title Defence.

'The Pride of Ireland' Eoin O'Droma takes on Victoria's Tyson Forlino, who has been training under the watchful eye of legend Santiennoi in Thailand.

Upcoming Battle Collossal stars Chris 'Iron Fist' Garner will be fighting Victoria's Rohulla Paykari and the welcoming of WA's newest Super Heavyweight icon Steve Bonner fighting for the Super heavyweight WBC national title against Bruce Macfie's superforce Shane Tilyard.

For more information check www.muaythaipromotions.com

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