28 Nov 2009

A star packed program will be featured on the 5 December at Buffalo Bill?s Casino as a special event to honour His Majesty The King of Thailand?s birthday celebration.
Buffalo Bill's is located in Primm, Nevada, USA, at the California stateline and home of the Star of the Desert Arena, a 6500-seat arena designed for concerts.
WBC USA Muaythai promoter Dennis Warner is featuring nine exciting contests.

Malaipet vs James Cook
Malaipet defends his WBC Muaythai International Title after regaining it in a tough hard fought rematch against Richard Fenwick in July. Cook and Malaipet have fought once before a few years back in Fresno and Malaipet won by unanimous decision, but this time Cook is fighting for the greenbelt and has had ample time to train for this title fight. Cook who holds the IKKC Muaythai US belt has tremendous skill in the art of Muaythai, but has never been able to win the big fight against a big time opponent. Now on the big stage again, Cook and his trainer Jongsanan are taking this fight very serious and want to wrap the fabled green belt around his waist. Malaipet probably learned from the Fenwick fights that he needs to train harder for his title defenses as he is now the hunted and no longer the hunter. With loads of experience on both sides, the champion just seems to have more firepower and a huge fan following that could decide the fight.

Romie Adanza vs Kunitaka Fujiwara
The newly crowned WBC Muaythai International title holder Romie Adanza bounced back from a devastating defeat to Paulo DaSilva to win convincingly in a July rematch. Now rejuvenated look for Adanza to be even stronger in his first defense against the highly touted Kunitaka from Japan. Kunitaka just took the first ever Full Rules Muaythai 8-man tournament in Tokyo to establish himself as the top dog and get him this title match. Look for non-stop action in this fight as Adanza?s take no prisoners style of fight will be matched by the game Kunitaka. Both fighters can dish out and take punishment so it could be a decisive blow that could turn this fight around. Adanza is clearly a finisher who is pumped up after winning the green belt and has fought five straight foreign fighters with a 4-1 record going into this bout. Look for him to take charge early and put together a fierce pace to see if his opponent will wilt under pressure. Kunitaka is the new breed of Japanese fighter who is said to be in top condition and can match Adanza?s offensive weapons, but lack of international experience gives Adanza the decided edge.

Kevin Ross vs Chike Lindsay
Probably two of the best pound for pound USA fighters will touch gloves in what is becoming one of the most talked about matches on this 20th anniversary WCK show. Ross fresh off his KO victory over Kang En to claim the WBC International title moves up a weight class to defend his WBC National belt against the East Coasts? best fighter hands down. Lindsay who won a decision against Ross?s stable mate Chaz Mulkey in August is primed and ready for this match. Trained by Thai legend Khunpon, Lindsay is undefeated in Muaythai fighting and has height and reach on Ross. With lighting quick kicks and punishing knees, Lindsay has the whole package and feels quietly confident that Ross will not be able to handle his power. Ross on the other hand is on a roll by stopping En and East Coast sensation Justin Greskiewicz in just a month. Ross is a physical specimen who can take a shot and even get off the canvas and stop his opponent. Look for Ross to exhibit better boxing skills and try to engage Lindsay in close quarters to negate Chike?s reach advantage. Trained by the fabled Master Toddy, Ross will have one of the best set of eyes in his corner as defensive lapses will be exploited as the fight evolves. This one is truly a tossup, but with all of Las Vegas supporting Ross?give him the slight edge.

Shawn Yarborough vs Manson Gibson
At one time, Manson Gibson was the most feared fighter in the USA competing at the ultra high level around the world as he captured 100 wins by the end of 2001 with a decisive KKO over Thai legend Chanpeuk at the Palms Hotel and Casino. But that was then and this is now?.and father time has eroded the skills and the quickness of the Master Blaster to make this a fight for redemption. Gibson who has many weapons needs to pace himself and not run out of gas late to the younger Yarborough. This bout is for the vacant WBC National title so both fighters are looking forward to the recognition and future fights a win would bring them. Yarborough is himself a tremendous talent who has combined the western boxing style with traditional muaythai to become the new generation of USA Muaythai fighter who could be ready for a WBC World Title shot if he gets by the legendary Gibson. With strong low kicks and the ability to deliver stinging punch/kick combinations, Yarborough will be looking to cut off the ring and slow down Gibson. Which Gibson will show up, only him and his trainer, Ike Stafford know, but like George Foreman did in boxing?.Gibson hopes to achieve what his critics think is impossible in Muaythai. Maybe not impossible, but surely Gibson is a pronounced underdog in this match.

Bryce Krause vs Chaz Mulkey
Two well schooled fighters who practically mirror each other in ability both come into this bout with tough losses and the bad taste of defeat in their respective last bouts. Krause with great hand and elbow skills went toe to toe with undefeated Raul Rodriguez in losing a split decision in August while Mulkey did the same against Chike Lindsay on the same card. Now both are at this crossroads fight which enable the victor to challenge for a title and the loser to a longer path of fights to achieve title consideration. Krause with impressive wins in the past over Jack Thames, James Martinez and William Sriyapai has only lost twice as a pro while being undefeated as an amateur. Mulkey was also undefeated as an amateur (15-0), but has also lost twice as a pro. However Mulkey has only three pro fights albeit with ?A? class competition as management has fast tracked his career. Krause with over ten pro bouts has had more success as a professional and his last loss has made him a fighter possessed in the gym as a victory here would bring him ever so close to a rematch with Rodriguez. Can Mulkey get that same fire into his training? Can he find the winning touch that has so far eluded him in two close but tough losses to top fighters? This fight could be the fight of the night as both of these muaythai combatants have a lot to gain and lose with the outcome. Give Krause the slight edge because of his pro experience edge.

Roxy Richardson vs Yenan Zheng
Quickness, speed and non-stop activity against skilled boxing and traditional Muaythai fighting style will cause great discussion as to the outcome of the only pro women?s fight. Zheng the national Wushu champion in China jumps four weight classes to take on one of USA?s new shining stars of Women?s Muaythai in Richardson. Zheng whose all out style bewildered Christine Toledo in her USA debut?.won a close decision because of her aggressive style. Richardson who has height and reach on her opponent will look to punish Zheng with her potent left jab and powerful right cross as Yenan tries to come in. Richardson who is a fitness expert will be ready to go the distance and has already beaten a highly touted English fighter this year with far more pro experience. Roxy put in a lot of work as an amateur and it shows as her composure and timing has improved with every fight. Zheng will press this fight early and if she can penetrate Richardson?s defense by firing off her quick and powerful sidekick to get inside it could be a long night for the American. Both fighters are in top condition, but Richardson has an additional advantage of training and sparring with muaythai fighters that could give her a decided advantage in the clinch and delivering elbows and knees. For this reason, give Roxy Richardson the edge in what promises to be a roller coaster ride of a fight.

Scott Leffler vs Joey Pagliuso
Two undefeated young pros square off in a fight that will showcase two distinct styles of fighting that have proved successful for both combatants. Leffler (2-0) has a traditional Muaythai style with a flash of western aggressiveness which could create problems for Pagliuso if the fight is in close quarters. Leffler showed strength and dominance in his pro debut by utilizing the Thai clinch to perfection and finishing off his opponent (Oblonsky) with a knee to the head. In his second bout, Leffler got in trouble with the left handed stance and straight right by his opponent (Hensch) who came back in the later rounds to make it interesting, but lost via a unanimous decision. Enter Pagliuso who has knockout power in his right hand and has exhibited flashy high & spin kicks in his two pro fights. Pagliuso has dominated the early rounds of his bouts against tough opponents (Greskiewicz and Thames) only to run out of gas and settle for draws in both fights. Now with Leffler, Pagliuso is facing a pro with similar experience with strengths that give him trouble, but weakness that could provide a KO victory?.This is ditto for Leffler?s chances. This bout could go either way, but Leffler has proved he can put a W so give him the slight advantage.

Sean Diznaiy vs Shane Oblonsky
Two flashy kickers with good boxing skills face off against each other hoping to get their first victory in their professional Muaythai career. Diznaiy is the Las Vegas local who will have a huge fan base at the Star of the Arena cheering his every move. Sean is sparring with the likes of Jack Thames and Scott Leffler to prep for this fight under of the tutelage of Kevin Barry. Shane ?The Hurricane? Oblonsky went thru every amateur in his weight division like butter with five consecutive KO?s before turning pro. As a pro, Oblonsky became ?A Drizzle? as he couldn?t handle the relentless pressure and Thai clinch of Scotty Leffler who made early work of the Yuki Horuchi trained Oblonsky. Now Oblonsky is in the gym working on his Thai clinch defense and vows to let loose the real Hurricane against Diznaiy. There is always a question of how a young fighter will handle a devastating defeat?the jury is still out on Oblonsky?so give Diznaiy a slight hometown edge.

Jack Thames vs Mike Ryan
Two seasoned Muaythai veterans lace them up one more time in a battle that should provide fireworks from the first bell. Jack ?Rhino? Thames just bulldozed China?s DongDong Zou by winning in TKO fashion at the Las Vegas Hilton this past August. Now with a victory under his belt?Thames has a renewed the fire of desire in his training regimen that will make him a runaway attack train in this bout. Ryan is another veteran who had tremendous success as an amateur and has showed flashes of brilliance as a pro. With great hand speed and movement, Ryan is an elusive target until he gets to confident and sometimes drops his hands or stays in front of his opponent to long. If he does this with Thames, Ryan will taste the ring mat with authority. Thames has been known for vicious and relentless attacks only to run out of gas in the later rounds?look for Ryan to try to lead him into deep water of the later rounds and then throw caution to the wind when the Rhino?s power has been depleted?.But first he must get to the late rounds, and the Rhino should be able to force the issue early to test him. Ryan will have to pullout his ?All World? attributes to sustain this attack and hope that Thames energy will be zapped. Got to give a big advantage to the Rhino in this one as Thames has recent fights, can take punishment and has a slight advantage in power.

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