24 Jun 2009

More professional Muaythai events in Japans are adopting the WBC Muaythai rules and regulations for worldwide prestige and safety standards.
The press conference of Japanese Championship tournament under WBC Muaythai Rules and Regulations took place on 13 June 2009 at Korakuen Hanten, Tokyo, with Chairman of New Japan Kickboxing Federation (NJKF), Kyoji Saito, Chairman of Martial Arts Japan Kickboxing Federation (MA), Toshihiko Hashimoto and the representative of Japan Professional Muaythai Committee (JPMC), Chisa Yamane.
Several contests under WBC Muaythai Rules and regulations have taken place since January of 2009, with the latest event to be the Japanese Championship tournament for eight weight classes, which will take place from July of 2009.
JPMC advised those attending the press conference that the WBC rules and regulations, along with high safety standards in the ring, had made Muaythai more popular in Japan. Chisa Yamane read the greeting letter from Patrick Cusick Secretary General of WBC Muaythai.
JPMC champions will fight for International and World titles in major WBC events outside of Japan so that Japan could become part of the WBC Muaythai championship circuit worldwide.
Championship tournaments are to be collectively supervised and organized by NJKF, MA and JPMC.
Along with proper ranking the tournaments that take place include the weight classes under the WBC Muaythai Rules and Regulations.
?It starts with NJKF and MA but soon to be larger once it gets moving involving many other fighters in Japan.? said by Chairman Saito.
JPMC hopes that the new unity will arouse more excitement for Muaythai in Japan.

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