Title 1 : General Principles

Article 1 :
The WBC MUAYTHAI is commissioned under the jurisdiction of the World Boxing Council (WBC).

Article 2:
The WBC MUAYTHAI is a non-profit organization with legal status and is comprised of duly authorized and legally established entities which regulate, control and supervise professional muaythai and their respective jurisdictions on a global scale.

Article 3:
The WBC MUAYTHAI is solely affiliated with the World Boxing Council and adheres to the standard rules and regulations for all muaythai competition as approved by the Board of Boxing Sport (Office of Professional Sports) Sports Authority of Thailand.

Article 4:
The Chairman will be solely responsible for the location of the WBC MUAYTHAI head office as well as being solely responsible for the administration of the WBC MUAYTHAI, the sanctioning of all official events and championships along with the appointment of the committee members.

Article 5:
WBC MUAYTHAI shall exercise its responsibility to carry out muaythai activities anywhere in the world in accordance with the provisions of its Constitution and Rules and Regulations.

Title 11 Purposes and Activities

Article 1 :
WBC MUAYTHAI primary purpose is to facilitate and sanction professional muaythai competition internationally as an acclaimed fighting art.

Article 2 :
Foster muaythai championships in all weight divisions with the highest levels of professional competition.

Article 3 :
Develop and expand muaythai worldwide with the objective of enabling muaythai to evolve into becoming the worlds premier fighting art.

Article 4 :
By providing through the support structure of the WBC the opportunity for muaythai to gain greater popularity, recognition and professional status.

Title 111 Rules and Regulations

All WBC MUAYTHAI championship bouts are conducted under the jurisdiction of the Commission of the WBC MUAYCHAI in order to authorize, organize, control and supervise professional muaythai under the Rules and Regulations as defined by the Sports Authority of Thailand.

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